Newaukee Night Market - July 11
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Find the Golden Ticket!

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Find the Golden Ticket!


Newaukee Night Market
2nd to 4th and Wisconsin Ave

Join the search for the golden ticket

This summer, Together with CCHP has your golden ticket at the Newaukee Night Market. We’ve partnered with our fellow Night Market vendors and hid a few gold, silver and bronze tickets across all the booths. Since every good treasure hunt has a map, we have riddles that will guide to you the location. You can find these riddles at our booth the day of Night Market.

Once you find one of our tickets, bring it back to the Together with CCHP booth to receive some great prizes!

We want to see your journey as you look for the golden ticket! Use the hashtag #togetherwithCCHP to track your progress and let us know when you find a ticket. We will do a special drawing the day after to rewards all our treasure seekers!


Want more hints to the possible location of the the golden ticket?

Follow us on Facebook where we will give out additional hints on Monday and Tuesday about the possible location of the golden tickets!

This week's hints:

Monday, 07/09 - "Roll with this food truck to "meat" a local business on the street."

Tuesday, 07/10 - "In a sticky situation? Why not try a twistful rendition on a childhood favorite from this local business?"



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