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COVID-19 Resources

If you feel you or your loved ones have been exposed to COVID-19, please do one of the following:

  • Call your primary care provider, if you don’t know who your primary care provider is please contact customer service. Many primary care providers are allowing video or telehealth visits and can help you understand your options. For help finding a provider, members can visit Find a Doc.
  • Call CCHP’s no-cost, on-call nurse triage line called CCHP on Call. You can speak directly to knowledgeable registered nurses who are available 24/7. The nurses may provide symptom assessment and help you find the appropriate level of care to help keep your costs down.

Member Health Insurance Plans

Together with CCHP

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Check out our Together with CCHP health insurance plans. We provide health care plans for those wanting coverage on the Marketplace Exchange and those who are simply seeking health care plans on their own in eastern Wisconsin.

BadgerCare Plus Medicaid Plan

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Check out our BadgerCare Plus Medicaid plans. We offer great health care for you and your family. We serve areas in the northeastern and southeastern part of Wisconsin.





Children's Community Health Plan

PO Box 56099
Madison, WI 53705

Together with CCHP

Children's Community Health Plan

PO Box 1997, MS 6280
Milwaukee, WI 53201


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