2017 Plan Options
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2017 Plan Options

Our dedication to our members shines through with award-winning customer service and health plan options priced for affordability. We are proud to be affiliated with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, but want you to know — Together with CCHP offers benefits to adults, too.

Together with CCHP offers its members access to high-quality health care from a broad network of providers in Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington, and Waukesha counties.

What plan is right for me?

Call us to help you find the best plan for you - 1-844-708-3837

Together with CCHP offers plan designs with you in mind. Our plans fall into four categories, which differ based on the way you and the health plan share your health care costs. When deciding which plan option is right for you, consider what is important to you and how you expect to use your benefits.

Together with CCHP offers four plan options to our members. 

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1 The out-of-pocket maximum is the sum of the deductible amount, prescription drug deductible amount (if applicable), copayment amount and coinsurance percentage of covered expenses, as shown in your Evidence of Coverage.
2 Many specialty medications are paid according to medical plan benefits, not prescription drug benefits.
3 Visit our website for a list of covered preventive prescriptions in the Together with CCHP Pharmacy Benefit Guide.

Still not sure what plan is right for you or your family? Consider choosing:

*Plan availability is based on individual and family incomes.





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