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Why Choose Together?

You have many options and decisions when it comes to purchasing a health plan in Wisconsin. Whether it is the extensive network, access to the right providers or supporting a locally-based plan, hear it directly from our members on why a Together with CCHP plan works for them. 

Reviews from our members

"Every time I call your representatives are very polite, very informed and can answer my questions promptly. I wish all insurance companies had representatives as nice and as informative as yours as I do claims for a living. It’s nice to speak to an insurance company that the people are nice. Good work."

"My customer service rep was incredibly helpful, and she was incredibly nice. I work in customer service as well and I hope that people think about me the way that I think about her. I really appreciate that she was great, solved my problems, and made me smile this morning. Thank you."

"The representative I spoke to was extremely helpful, walked me through, looked up additional things for me that I didn’t even have questions on, but were important. It was a very pleasant experience. Thank you."

"The concierge I spoke with was extremely pleasant. Normally I hate making these calls because you don’t know the temperament of personality of the person you are going to get, but this young lady was very inviting, which made me feel great about my choice for healthcare coverages."



Share your experience!

We would like to hear about your experience with Together wtih CCHP.  Share your feedback today by emailing us at CCHP-MemberSales@chw.org



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