Member Advocates

CCHP employs HMO Member Advocates. The role of a member advocate is very important to the organization. Their responsibilities include investigating and resolving questions and concerns related to member access to health care.

They help members find in-network providers, schedule appointments, resolve member billing issues and review eligibility in the BadgerCare Plus program.

They work closely with the nursing staff to assist them in making sure the member receives the most appropriate care. They also serve as the CCHP contact among local, county and state agencies and are responsible for educating staff on cultural sensitivity issues. 

The HMO Member Advocates develop relationships with community organizations and advocacy groups. They play a very active role in community outreach and education.  They attend health fairs and educate members on their health benefits through CCHP.


Meet the HMO Member Advocates

Tanisha Collins-Johnson

Tanisha Collins-Johnson has more than 15 years of experience in advocacy by working with families and the community.  She’s been employed with Children’s Community Health Plan for more than 4 ½ years. Tanisha is responsible for educating families on services offered through CCHP and other community resources. Tanisha assists in planning professional development workshops and coordinating community events. Her passion is helping families meet their health care and social needs.

Andrea Rivera de Vega

Andrea Rivera de Vega has more than 12 years of experience advocating for families and community health and education. Andrea has been employed with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for more than 8 years and over one year with Children’s Community Health Plan. Andrea’s experience encompasses foster care and adoption, community outreach and engagement, marketing, social media, education and training particularly but not limited to the Hispanic community. Andrea serves in community advisory boards, participates in several professional groups and assists in development and management of community events with in CCHP and other nonprofit organizations. Andrea’s passion is raising awareness and advocating for children and family’s needs as well as to educate to empower our community.

Vivian Watson

Vivian Watson has been honored to serve families in the community for more than 20 years through advocacy and coordination of services. She has been employed with Children’s Community Health Plan for more than 3 years. Vivian is tasked with assisting families in navigating services offered through CCHP and connecting members with community resources. Vivian works with team members in the coordination and staffing of various community events.

Elizabeth Zarate

Elizabeth has more than seventeen years in the dental profession and brings a high level energy and enthusiasm to the team. Prior to her employment at CCHP, she served as the lead dental assistant in Milwaukee. Elizabeth chose her profession as a result of personal family experiences. Her passion is to change behaviors and strives to break cultural misunderstanding, provide more resources and information as it relates to health care across all communities. Elizabeth enjoys helping and educating others about the importance of oral health and how it can impact your overall health.




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