Scheduling appointments
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Scheduling appointments

How long should you have to wait to see a provider? CCHP sets time limits with the providers in our network for scheduling medical and dental appointments. These are listed below.

Primary Care Provider Appointments

  • Regular yearly physicals, sports physicals, immunizations, well-baby checkups — within 30 calendar days
  • When you or your children are sick — within two calendar days for established patients
  • Wait time from the time you check-in for the appointment until you get called into the provider's office — within 30 minutes
  • Urgent Care Clinics or Walk-in Clinics appointments (call your primary care provider's office first to see if the provider is able to take you that day) — same day, no appointment needed
  • After-hours Care — 24 hours/7 days a week

Behavioral Health Appointments

  • Mental Health Provider — no longer than 10 days for an initial assessment; no longer than 30 days for members discharged from an inpatient psychiatric hospital stay
  • Routine appointments —  within 10 business days of request
  • Urgent Care — within 48 hours

Other Appointments

  • Emergency Care-immediate — go directly to the nearest emergency room or call 9-1-1 if you are experiencing a life-threatening situation. 
  • Prenatal Care appointments — within three weeks of requesting a visit or a certain doctor
  • Dental Care-routine (such as teeth cleaning and cavity fillings) — within 90 days
  • Dental Care-emergency (such as severe pain, swelling or bleeding) — within 24 hours of request


Looking for a primary care provider?

Browse our Provider Directory to find the right provider for you.

Interpreter services are available if a provider does not speak the member's language.



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