Wellness Portal

Wellness Portal

Children's Community Health Plan wants to help you and your family to live a healthier lifestyle. We are proud to offer an exclusive wellness portal that makes managing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle simple and convenient.

Our plans offer a unique wellness portal experience for each plan that you are on.

Together with CCHP Wellness Portal FAQs

BadgerCare Plus Wellness Portal FAQs

Together with CCHP Incentives

Together with CCHP wants to reward you and your family for being healthy!

(Only available to Together with CCHP plan members; Medicaid members are not eligible)

  • Get a routine physical – Complete a routine physical exam (preventive checkup) with an in-network provider to receive a $20 gift card. This incentive is available for you and your covered spouse.
  • Register for CCHP Connect – Register for your personalized member portal today and receive a $20 gift card. This is a one-time incentive available to the primary insured on the policy.

Need to register? Follow these easy steps:

1. Visit togetherCCHP.org/CCHP-Connect
2. For type of plan, choose Individuals and Families.
3. Agree to the Terms of Use to continue to the next page.
4. Follow the registration instructions. Please have your member ID card handy, as you will need it during the registration and login process.

Complete the voluntary online health assessment within CCHP Connect and receive another $20 gift card! This incentive is available for you and your covered spouse.

Gift cards will be mailed to you once Together with CCHP verifies you have met the eligibility criteria.


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