All fully licensed practitioners (MD, DO, DPM, APNP, PhD, PsyD, AuD, CRNA, CNM, LCSW, LPC, LMFT, CSAC, BCBA) must go through the credentialing process either upon notification that their Letter of Interest has been received and approved or upon joining an already contracted group or clinic.  Notification of approval of credentials must be received before eligible to provide services to CCHP members.

For the Children's Community Health Plan BadgerCare provider network, we only accept applicants who are Medicaid certified. 

Instructions for submitting an application

To begin the credentialing process, you can use the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare's (CAQH) ProView™ database, for your registration.

Already registered?

Simply email your CAQH number to cchp-credentialing@chw.org.


Not registered?

Register with CAQH and complete the CAQH credentialing application. Notify us when you have registered by emailing us your CAQH number at cchp-credentialing@chw.org.

While completing the CAQH application, you will need to include the following required information to begin the credentialing process with Children's Community Health Plan and/or Together with CCHP:

  • All sections of the application must have a response ("N/A" if not applicable)

  • All dates (work/employment/education) must be documented in month/year format

  • Employment history from the last five years

  • Gaps in employment greater than 60 days must be explained

  • For hospital privileges, include hospital name, affiliation status, and start date (month and year)  

    • If in process, you must include the covering physician’s name

    • If no hospital privileges, you'll need to explain your admitting arrangements

  • APNP’s are required to include a copy of their collaborative agreement

  • A copy of professional liability insurance face sheet (must include dates and incident/aggregate dollar amounts)


If you have questions about our credentialing process, please call our credentialing department at 844-229-2776 or send email to cchp-credentiaing@chw.org


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