CareWeb Qi Authorization Tool Training

CareWeb Qi Authorization Tool Training

Effective February 1st, 2018, CCHP will not reconsider services, procedures and inpatient stays that CCHP has not received notification for from the provider. Please reference your provider agreement with CCHP that outlines providers are required to notify CCHP within 24 hours of an inpatient admission; and prior authorize elective services and/or procedures prior to providing services.

Please make sure to attach clinical to the request within 24 hours. Without clinical to review for medical necessity, your request for services may be denied.

  • We recommend that you check each day for authorizations that are in the draft status and have not been submitted.
  • CCHP will not be notified until the authorization has been submitted
  • You can check by filtering the submission status to draft

Review this powerpoint to see how to check if an authorization is in draft mode and how to submit it.

Review this Authorization Guide for more information. 



Introduction to CareWeb Qi Authorization Tool


Submitting a Prior Authorization


Inpatient Notification



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