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Care4Kids - Provider Info

Care4Kids is a Medicaid program developed by the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Health Services that began on January 1, 2014, and is administered in partnership with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Children’s Community Health Plan. 

Care4Kids Program Overview

The Care4Kids program provides comprehensive, coordinated care for children in out-of-home care that reflects trauma-informed principles and recognizes the unique needs of these children. It provides a team of professionals who coordinate care for the child, so the child can receive consistent care that is coordinated between services and providers who are familiar with the specific needs of that child. 

  • Care4Kids introduction — find out more on how Care4Kids improves health care quality, access and outcomes for out-of-home children.
  • Information about ForwardHealth’s implementation of the program — introducing the Care4Kids Program
  • Care4Kids Description — gives an overview of the Care4Kids program, including benefits, provider network, claims and payment information.
  • The Care4Kids parent handout — explains the Care4Kids program, enrollment process and the healthcare services children receive.
  • Care4Kids Improving Health Outcomes for Children — an overview slide presentation of the Care4Kids program, developed by The Department of Children and Families. This includes topics, such as eligibility, benefits, out-of-home care health screens, Comprehensive Initial Health Assessment, health care coordination, and much more.

Care4Kids Benefits

Care4Kids is required to provide at least the same benefits as those provided under fee-for-service arrangements. Through Care4Kids, children entering out-of-home care (OHC) receive:

  • An OHC health screen within two business days of entering care
  • A comprehensive initial health assessment within 30 days of enrollment
  • A mental health screen, and/or developmental health screen or developmental health evaluation (if needed)
  • Dental and Vision care
  • A pharmacy case review for identified children who are prescribed psychotropic medications.
  • Coordinated health care services from a Health Care Coordination team
  • Ongoing health care from providers trained in the unique needs of children in OHC
  • A comprehensive health care plan tailored to the child’s individual health needs
  • Continued coordinated health care for an additional 12 months after discharge from OHC
  • More frequent well-child checkups
  • All Medicaid-covered services

For more information about covered services, providers may refer to:

Program Administration

Providers follow the Children’s Community Health Plan billing and authorization guidelines, which can be found in the most current Children’s Community Health Plan Provider Manual.

Care4Kids network providers may also call Children’s Community Health Plan at (800) 482-8010 for coverage policy and procedure information, including auto authorization and claim submission guidelines.

Contact Care4Kids

Care4Kids Health Care Coordination team:

Helpful Links

Centers of Excellence — Centers of Excellence is a primary care medical clinic with a special interest in providing health care to children in foster care. Center of Excellence providers have expertise in caring for children in the foster care system and understand the enhanced health care needs of this population.

Child Advocacy Center locations — a Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is a medical clinic staffed by pediatricians and other healthcare providers who specialize in caring for children who have suffered maltreatment or who are in out-of-home care. Healthcare providers at CACs are trained to recognize signs of abuse and neglect in children, as well as provide care in a way that does not cause additional trauma to the child.

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