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Together with CCHP Transactions

Get paid faster and save money!

What are EFT, ERA and Electronic EOPs?

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) allows providers to receive payment electronically. Electronic remittance advice (ERA) is an alternative to the paper version of the explanation of payments (EOPs). Electronic funds transfer (EFT) Claims payments are deposited directly into your bank account.

If you are interested in receiving EFT’s, please complete the EFT Authorization Form and fax to: 1-844-549-3744

Electronic Remittance Advice 

Electronic remittance advice (ERA) provides explanation of payment in HIPAA complaint files. While Together with CCHP offers the option to generate 835 formatted ERA files and make them available for direct download from the Together with CCHP Provider Portal many automated billing systems interface with payers via a clearinghouse. To request a direct interface of an 835 formatted ERA file, from our Portal or via PGP encrypted file transfer, please complete the ERA/835 Request Form and send to:

Explanation of Payment

Providers can access Explanation of Payment (EOP) documents in the Together with CCHP Provider Portal. This offers providers the opportunity to view these EOPs online instead of waiting for a printed mailing. Administrators must grant a user access to view EOP documents. EOPS can be searched for by date, EFT or check number, and specific dollar amount. The documents are sorted by run date, time, and EOP type. The EOPs are sorted in descending order. Adobe Acrobat Reader or other software that permits the user view to view a document in PDF format is required. The documents can be saved or printed. EOPs created after January 1, 2018 are available online. If a user requires an EOP older than this date, the documents are available by contacting Provider Services at 1-844-202-0117. 

Have Questions? You can reach Together with CCHP Provider Services at: 1-844-202-0117



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