Filing a Claim - Together

File a Together with CCHP claim

Together with CCHP does not accept faxes for claims. Hand-written claims are also not accepted.

You may file claims electronically through the vendor of your choosing.

Together with CCHP EDI Payer number is: 251CC

Paper Claims can be mailed to:
Together with CCHP
P.O. Box 106013
Pittsburgh, PA 15230-6013

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) forms are available on the website.

Appealing a Claim Determination

CCHP does not accept claims or appeals via fax.

For questions regarding claims and Explanation of Payment (EOP), providers can chat online through the Together portal or contact:

Together with CCHP Provider Service

After contacting customer service, please complete the Together with CCHP Provider Appeal / Claim Request Review Form. 

Submit the form, along with copies of any supporting documentation to:
                                Together with CCHP
                                ATTN: Appeals Department
                                P.O. Box 1997, MS 6280
                                Milwaukee, WI 53201-1997







Children's Community Health Plan

PO Box 56099
Madison, WI 53705

Together with CCHP

Children's Community Health Plan

PO Box 1997, MS 6280
Milwaukee, WI 53201


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