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Important Updates

Effective February 2020: HealthCheck Other Services information

Effective October 1, 2019: These codes were added to the Together with CCHP's non-covered list: 0084U, 0085U, 0086U, 0087U, 0088U, 0089U, 0090U, 0091U, 0092U, 0093U, 0094U, 0095U, 0096U, 0097U, 0098U, 0099U, 0100U, 0101U, 0102U, 0103U, 0104U, 0543T, 0544T, 0545T, 0546T, 0547T, 0548T, 0549T, 0550T, 0551T, 0552T, 0553T, 0554T, 0555T, 0556T, 0557T, 0558T, 0559T, 0560T, 0561T, 0562T, C9756


Children’s Community Health Plan will require Day Treatment authorizations (H2012) to be separated by the levels of care - Partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Program. They will no longer be reviewed under the same episode effective September 1, 2019.

Providers will need to create and submit the separate episodes into the CareWeb Qi Authorization Tool.

Previously, providers could request one level of care and if the member stepped up or down in care the provider notified CCHP in the same episode. 

This is being implemented to simplify the requests. This will help the utilization management team review authorizations when members are frequently moving from one day treatment level of care to another or for members who may have multiple changes in diagnosis throughout their participation in day treatment. It will also allow the providers to submit a claim after each level of care rather than requiring the provider wait until the member completes all levels of day treatment before submitting a claim.


Effective July 1, 2019: These codes were added to the Together with CCHP's non-covered list: J7318, J7320, J7321, J7322, J7323, J7324, J7325, J7326, J7327, J7328 and J7329.

Effective July 1, 2019: The Specialty Medications codes J7318 and J7329 were added to BadgerCare Plus prior authorization list.


The following changes were made to HCPCS code E0156, for a walker's seat:
This code was removed from Together with CCHP's Non-covered code list and moved to Together with CCHP's Prior Authorization List. This code will require authorization only if the retail cost for the code on the claim is $500 or greater. 


Effective on June 1, 2019- These codes were added to Together with CCHP's Non-covered code list: G2001, G2002, G2003, G2004, G2005, G2006, G2007, G2008, G2009, G2013, G2014, and G2015. These codes are for in-home visits post-discharge and care plan oversights. These lab codes were added to the non-covered code list: 0001U; 0002U; 0003U; 0005U; 0006U; 0007U; 0008U; 0009U; 0010U; 0011U; 0012U; 0013U; 0014U; 0016U; 0017U; 0018U; 0019U; 0021U; 0022U; 0023U; 0024U; 0025U; 0026U; 0027U; 0029U; 0030U; 0031U; 0032U; 0033U; 0034U; 0035U; 0036U; 0037U; 0038U; 0039U; 0040U; 0041U; 0042U; 0043U; 0044U; 0045U; 0046U; 0047U; 0048U; 0049U; 0050U; 0051U; 0052U; 0053U; 0054U; 0055U; 0056U; 0058U; 0059U; 0060U; 0061U; 0062U; 0063U; 0064U; 0065U; 0066U; 0067U; 0068U; 0069U; 0070U; 0071U; 0072U; 0073U; 0074U; 0075U; 0076U; 0077U; 0078U; 0079U; 0080U; 0081U; 0082U and 0083U. 


Effective April 29, 2019- CCHP has added a new authorization request status to the CareWebQI Authorization Tool. The Status of voidedcan be found in the Authorization Queue under the status column of the Summary of Submitted Requests.

Voided means that CCHP has not reviewed the authorization request and the request is being returned to the provider’s attention for resubmission.
An authorization request will be voided for the following reasons:

  • Requesting and/or Attending Provider is listed as "Unknown, Provider"
  • Invalid diagnosis code type selected (ICD-10 only)
  • Invalid diagnosis (ICD-10) code entered
  • Invalid procedure/service/item code type selected (CPT/HCPCS only)
  • Invalid procedure/service/item code (CPT/HCPCS) code entered

Please open and review the authorization request for a message explaining why the authorization was voided.  Please note that voided requests cannot be resubmitted. Providers will need to create a new authorization request.

When creating an authorization you should not choose unknown for requesting provider or attending provider. If the providers name does not appear when searching then build this authorization using the facility in these spots. Then tell us the providers name in the “Are there any other details?” field. If you use unknown provider this authorization will be voided and you will receive a message that you will have to resubmit.



BadgerCare Plus:

The Durable Medical Equipment code E2300 was added to the prior authorization list with an effective date of June 1, 2019.



BadgerCare Plus:

The Durable Medical Equipment code E0465 was added to the prior authorization list with an effective date of May 1, 2019.  

These behavioral health codes were added to the no prior authorization list: 96121, 96130, 96131, 96132, 96133, 96136, 96137, 96138, 96139, and 96146. In addition, the intravascular ultrasound code 37252 was added to the no prior authorization list. 



Together with CCHP:

  • Prior Authorization List:
    These new skin substitute codes have been added to the prior authorization list: Q4183; Q4184; Q4185; Q4186; Q4187; Q4188; Q4189; Q4190; Q4191; Q4192; Q4193; Q4194; Q4195; Q4196; Q4197; Q4198; Q4200; Q4201; Q4202; Q4203; and Q4204.This is effective March 1, 2019.
    These Diabetic and Neuropathy Procedure Codes for DME and Foot Care, and A5514, have been added to the prior authorization list. This is effective March 1, 2019.
    These DME codes have been added to the prior authorization list: E0447, E0467 and L8698. Prior authorization is required if the purchase price or the monthly rental price is greater than $500. This is effective March 1, 2019.

  • No Prior Authorization List:
    The following codes have been added to the no prior authorization required list: A9589; B4105; C9407; C9754; C9755; G2011; and J0841. This is effective March 1, 2019.

  • Non-covered List:
    These codes were added to the non-covered list: A4563; C1823; C1890; C8937; C9751; C9752; C9753; L8701; L8702; J3591; G0068; G0069; G0070; G0071; G0076; G0077; G0078; G0079; G0080; G0081; G0082; G0083; G0084; G0085; G0086; G0087; G2010; G2012; A6460; A6461; J7318; J7329; L8608; M1000; M1001; M1002; M1003; M1004; M1005; M1006; M1007; M1008; M1009; M1010; M1011; M1012; M1013; M1014; M1015; M1016; M1017; M1018; M1019; M1020; M1022; M1023; M1024; M1025; M1026; M1027; M1028; M1029; M1030; M1031; M1032; M1033; M1034; M1035; M1036; M1037; M1038; M1039; M1040; M1041; M1042; M1043; M1044; M1045; M1046; M1047; M1048; M1049; M1050; M1051; M1052; M1053; M1054; M1055; M1056; M1057; M1058; M1059; M1060; M1061; M1062; M1063; M1064; M1065; M1066; M1067; M1068; M1069; M1070; M1071; T4545; V5171; V5172; V5181; V5211; V5212; V5213; V5214; V5215; and V5221.This is effective March 1, 2019.



BadgerCare Plus:

  • These behavioral health codes will be added to the prior authorization list and removed from the no prior authorization list with an effective date of March 11, 2019: H0005 and H0047.



BadgerCare Plus: 

  • These genetic codes will be added to the prior authorization list with an effective date of March 1, 2019: 81163; 81164; 81165; 81166; 81167; 81173; 81174; 81177; 81178; 81179; 81180; 81181; 81182; 81183; 81184; 81185; 81186; 81187; 81188; 81189; 81190; 81204; 81233; 81234; 81239; 81271; 81274; 81284; 81285; 81286; 81289; 81305; 81312; 81329; 81336; 81337; 81518; 81595; and E0470.
  • These codes will be added to the no prior authorization list with an effective date of March 1, 2019: 10004; 10005; 10006; 10007; 10008; 10009; 10010; 10011; 10012; 11102; 11103; 11104; 11105; 11106; 11107; 20932; 20933; 20934; 33275; 33286; 33440; 36572; 36573; 43762; 43763; 50436; 50437; 82642; A5514; E0447; V5171; V5181; V5211; V5221; and 99344.


​1099 Forms Notice


Together with CCHP's update to Medications that fall under the Pharmacy or Medical Benefits


Together with CCHP's 2019 Prior Authorization Lists Updated


As of September 20, 2018, providers will not be able to send this request through a secured message for transplant and mechanical cardiac support requests. View this release.

08/01/2018 Community Paramedics Release

Members will receive an initial visit with one of the Community Paramedics during their hospital stay to introduce themselves and explain the program. View this release.


Children's Community Health Plan has updated the Prior Authorization and No Prior Authorization lists for BadgerCare Plus - CCHP. View this release.


Effective July 1, 2018, a prior authorization is required for narcotic analgesics prescribed for all Commercial and Exchange members age 18 and older. Starting August 1, there will be a transition period for members already taking a quantity limit of less than 200 mg per day. This applies to Together with CCHP members not BadgerCare Plus - CCHP members. View this release 


Children's Community Health Plan has updated the Authorization lists for BadgerCare Plus - CCHP and Together with CCHP. View the release.

06/01/18 New Telehealth Policy

 Effective June 1, 2018, CCHP has implemented a telehealth credentialing policy. Please contact CCHP at 844-229-2776 to schedule an onsite visit. View the policy


NICU NotificationEffective June 1, 2018, providers need to create a separate authorization for NICU.  Providers should create an authorization with the mother's ID for the baby's information. In the notes section, the provider enters the baby's date of birth, weight, gestational age, and documentation. CCHP will then create an episode with the baby temp ID and send you notification of new episode number via CareWeb message system in the original episode created using the mother's information. When looking to add clinical or verification of authorization please reference newly created baby episode as original NICU notification episode will have been canceled. Due to system constraints, CCHP will continue to use the temporary ID for the baby through the entire hospital stay. The baby will not be assigned a permanent ID until after discharge. When the baby is discharged, please make sure to message the Utilization Management reviewer by attaching clinical and messaging the discharge date.  Please make sure to choose the right admission date and check to see the authorization was submitted. CCHP has created this guide to help providers submit this notification.

01/01/18 - Prior Authorization - Patient ​Admissions

Please review the Patient Admissions Notice.




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